Best 5 Indian Foods You Need to Try

1.Rogan Josh (Best Indian Foods You Need to Try)

Best 5 Indian Foods You Need to Try one is Rogan Josh is a North Indian dish with Muslim influences and first originated in Persia or Kashmir. Rogan Josh is a meat curry that features a lump of red meat such as lamb or goat. Rogan Josh is best served with naan or any other Indian bread. It should also be mentioned that Rogan Josh is a staple in British restaurants.

2.Vada Pav

The Vada refers to a deep-fried potato fritter that is placed between two pieces of bread, the pav. It is commonly known as the Bombay burger because of its origin in the North Indian city of Mumbai. The Vada Pav is served with one or more chutneys such as green sauces and tamarind sauces.

3.Dhokla (Best Indian Foods You Need to Try)

Best 5 Indian Foods You Need to Try Dhoklas are eaten in India as side dishes, for breakfast, as the main course and even as a snack at events such as parties and weddings. Dhoklas are best served with green mint sauce and a sweet tamarind sauce and are usually yellow in color. Dhoklas have many variations to them. They can be prepared with a variety of ingredients with different ratios of chickpeas within them.

4.Matar Paneer

Best 5 Indian Foods You Need to Try,In Hindi, Matar translates to peas and Paneer refers to a fresh cheese made in India, which is one of the main ingredients in this dish. Matar Paneer is a North Indian dish that consists of peas and paneer cooked like the Butter Chicken. Matar Paneer is traditionally served with Indian bread such as naan or aloo paratha, but is also eaten by some with rice.

5.Tandoori Chicken

Best Indian Foods You Need to Try, Tandoori chicken is another North Indian dish that may have been around back in 3000 BC. Tandoori Chicken derives its name for the vessel it’s cooked in known as a Tandoor Oven. It is a cylindrical shaped oven that is powered by burning wood or charcoal.

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